Interactive 3D models are soothing and can relax a stressed mind. Click the arrows to expand to full screen for the best experience, or visit my Sketchfab profile to see other designs. 


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3D Models

The Universe is a Disco Ball

Step in, step out, roll it all about. This is your Universe, be comfortable in it.   

You've GOT TO try this one!

Platinum Spheres 

in the Forest


Colorful 3-D spheres - Twist and turn to explore the surrounding forest.   

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Space Bean 

Being human is not easy. This was made for a fellow bean- just trying to bee human I was fortunate enough to meet.     

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Space Bean and the Moon

Just a tiny bean in big huge Universe.     

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Silly Kid

A silly little character I made for my grandson to enjoy.     

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Planet or Marble?

Take it for a spin and see what you think!


Click the triangle to play! 

I Need Some Space


Expansive 3-D stars - Twist and turn through this tiny corner of a vast Universe.   

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