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Jewel - Never Broken :

This was an excellent companion to remind me of my resilience and what I've endured. Never Broken is a great book for any underdog embarking on a new journey. I was left feeling empowered and valuable. 

Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D. - The Body Keeps The Score:

Caution: This book is very triggering and you should have adequate support established prior to reading. Check the forums for our TBKTS Reading Group.


TBKTS is a book for anyone whose life has been severely impacted by trauma.  Strong focus on the impact of childhood trauma, sexual abuse, and the impact of trauma in adulthood. 

Many helpful therapy techniques are discussed such as Internal Family Systems therapy, radical acceptance, CBT and DBT, and many more. I found great value in being introduced to so many techniques and theories, and being left to explore those that called to me from there. 

David Finch - The Journal of Best Practices A Memoir of Marriage, ASD, and One Man's Quest to Be a Better Husband:

Do you ever just go with a gut instinct? Yeah, this book is a result of that. It just FELT right. The author has a very strong support system that I did find somewhat triggering, but it gave a great account of ordinary life as an undiagnosed adult in marriage. 

Internal Family Systems Model- Richard C. Schwartz :

Temple Grandin - The Autistic Brain: 

Marshall Rosenberg- Nonviolent Communication:

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