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Who Is Autistic Feminine?

Creativity is a need for me, as vital as air or water. It is my driving force, mana to my soul.

I'm an autistic artist with PTSD, fierce alexithymia, and a firm belief in magic. I have a passion for finding and saving the broken things, for I myself, often feel broken. The color and  sparkle of the world delight me. My hope is to share what sparkles in my life, to share the light I've found in the darkness of trauma and CSA through art and creativity. 


I intend to cultivate a space where compassion rules and understanding grows. To share my lifelong passion with you through a carefully curated collection of my work in the most authentic way I can, while building a supportive community of trust. I hope to provide a platform that will lift up other autistic women to pursuing their goals, to build  healthy, self-sustaining lives. As a late diagnosed, autistic woman, I've spent most of my life trying to balance my need for authenticity with a need for a certain level of acceptance. Approaching my mid-forties I find the authenticity to be of higher importance and value. 

I welcome you to have a quiet seat and explore my work, or to participate in the discussion as we evolve into a space of many voices, not just mine.  

 Authentically Yours,


"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

Maya Angelou

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